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Podcast Interviews

Episode 101

by Chris McClure

In The Magnetic Leader, discover 18 Essential Actions you can practice daily to upgrade your influence and impact. People will follow your lead, become more confident, draw out the best in each other, enjoy healthy relationships, and make a difference!

Episode 103

by Pastor Loren Zamora

Why are you alive? Most people don’t have a clear or confident answer to that question. In fact, only around 25% of American adults are clear about what makes their lives meaningful, according to one analysis of the subject in The New York Times. Some have a general idea about why they’re alive but don’t connect it to their daily life. These four hard questions, if answered with courageous humility, will increase clarity and confidence as to why you exist.

Episode 86

by Pastor Matt McAfee

It is the divine privilege of every child of God to hear their Father's voice. Like most children, the issue is not hearing, the issue is listening. This book will encourage you, challenge you, and give you practical steps and tips to listen for the voice of God.
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